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my name is elisa , I study graphic design and i am from tamaulipas ,MX,


Craftsy Online Class Giveaway: “Painting Wildlife: Acrylic & Mixed Media!”

Sponsoring Supersonic this week is the fantastic website Craftsy and they’re GIVING AWAY the online class, "Painting Wildlife: Acrylic & Mixed Media" to a lucky winner.

Craftsy is an brilliant online resource for aspiring and professional creatives of all types, offering classes on hundreds of creative endeavors from drawing to fashion.  With "Painting Wildlife: Acrylic & Mixed Media" you’ll learn all the basics all the way to creating the illusion of realism within your work through seven HD videos that never expire as well as plenty of downloadable resources for extra guidance.  The entire class is a truly valuable opportunity.

Entering to win the usually $40 dollar class is incredibly simple: Just enter by registering or logging into Craftsy via this link!

(Winner will be chosen within a week from today, September 16th, 2014.)


Wraps round a little. #realtattoos #realtraditional #osctattoo #besttradtattoos #tattoos  Apps -


Wraps round a little. #realtattoos #realtraditional #osctattoo #besttradtattoos #tattoos
Apps -

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674. Muggleborns using the “A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to” line when they’re late for class.

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